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EmergentMedTech (Exclusive NeoGen Plasma Distributor in the US) was started in 2018 by Rob Salisbury and Angela Lacy. Rob has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience working in both the fields of high-tech and medical devices. Angela has a medical science background in Occupational Therapy and has owned 2 successful businesses.


Having worked previously for large manufacturing companies, we wanted to create a company with an ecosystem to provide aesthetic professionals of all types with the very best technologies to give their patients consistent and efficacious outcomes that are as non-invasive as possible.


Moreover, we know aesthetic manufacturers have a reputation at times for not customizing the right device or technology that fits the present needs of the buyer with high and at times unreasonable costs of acquisition. The products we offer are innovative, cost-effective with little to no consumables, and easy to integrate. The manufacturers we partner with have exceptional devices with strong clinical backings, are reasonably priced, and whose reputations are highly regarded industry wide.

Our portfolio has solutions (NeoGen PSR, Apollo Duet, and more) for aesthetic professionals of all kinds from the plastic surgeon to the solo aesthetician. We take pride in our approach with all customers which is consultative and never pushy. Our customers are our friends and are treated like family. We know if we can deliver these fundamental competencies to our customers that everyone from the patient to the practice will be successful. After meeting with our team, we believe you will find that no company in the industry provides the level of support, affordable and customized options, and flexibility than Emergentmedtech. Contact us to learn more about Emergentmedtech and our complete portfolio of products.




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