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Made in Italy design – an innovative technology that finally manages to bring together the most powerful laser emitting diode consistent with the innovative double cooling system with copper and gold macrochannels.

With Cervello, epilation treatments achieve never before seen performance. We have combined 808 nm of laser power in a s ingle stack of diodes, the performance of the 755 nm Alexandrite and the efficiency of the 1064 nm Nd: Yag laser. In this way, you can solve the most complex epilation cases with unprecedented performance.

Diode Laser For All Skin Types

Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world. Suitable for skin types 1-5 Fitzpatrick

MPRS-Mirror Polished Reflecting Surface

Cervello has been specially designed with an innovative diode, equipped with a MPRS coating which boosts laser light rebounds and increases the effectiveness, at the same power.

Quick & Effective Results

Noticeable results in your first few sessions. Progressive definitive reduction of density and coarseness by up to 85%.

Virtually Painless

Exclusive cooling system with innovative micro-channels. Cools up to -5˚C of the sapphire tip in contact with the skin.



Comes with a beautiful 3 tier rolling cart so you can easy transport from room to room or different locations.

Volt Special

Does NOT require a 220 volt special outlet. You can use in any room of your practice or Med Spa.

Intuitive Design

Easy to understand touch screen interface with presets & modern design make the device easy to learn and use for fast upstart & ROI.

Made in Italy

Developed in Bologna Italy. The best Italian technology, is maintenance free & zero consumables.

Technological Innovation

Cervello Diode Laser technology brings together one of the most powerful aesthetic devices with a 3 wavelength solution in a single handpiece.



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Intuitive Interface

Portable Design

Easy to Connect

Ergonomic Handpiece

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