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NeoGen PSR simultaneously resurfaces, regenerates and tightens the skin, providing tailorable solutions to achieve patients’ desired outcome, such as a ‘lunchtime’ (low energy) to ‘transformational’ (high energy) treatment.  NeoGen PSR nitrogen plasma technology delivers controlled heating to the skin architecture stimulating a significant physiological response, without creating an open wound. Unlike ablative technologies there is no epidermal vaporisation or charring caused at time of treatment. 

NeoGen converts nitrogen gas into plasma energy, the fourth state of matter. The plasma emerges from the handpiece in controlled pulses and rapid heating of tissue occurs as it gives up its unique thermal energy to tissue.

The treated photodamaged layers undergo a controlled thermal modification, while remaining intact, creating a natural dressing to provide protection and speed healing. at high energies the epidermis sheds, but only after a new, healthier skin architecture is formed beneath.

Treating the entire skin structure ensures optimal results as the entire surface is regenerated with associated neocollagenesis and neoelastogenesis. No islands of untreated skin remain. Clinical studies show significant tightening – Mean 22% improvement in upper eyelid tightening (JOCD 7, 169-179, 2008).

Results Continue Well Over Year!
Best Non-Surgical Face Lift Winner: Aesthetics Guide 2022


NeoGen PSR is a non-invasive and innovative treatment of wrinkles that uses plasma technology to rejuvenate the skin. The plasma energy generated by a Neogen plasma, causes controlled damage to the skin surface, trigger in the body’s natural healing process, and promoting collagen and elastin a production. Overtime, the new collagen and elastin help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, leaving the skin smoother, tighter, and more useful looking.


Seborrheic Keratosis

NeoGen PSR is an effective treatment for seborrheic keratosis, a common non-cancerous skin growth. It uses plasma technology to destroy abnormal skin cells promoting the growth of healthy cells, and reducing the appearance of seborrheic keratosis lesions. This safe and effective treatment option has been thoroughly evaluated by the FDA for efficacy and safety.

acne vulgaris.jpg

Acne Scarring

NeoGen PSR is also effective in treating acne scarring, as the controlled damage caused by the plasma energy can help to break down, scar tissue and promote collagen production. The new collagen helps to rebuild the damage skin, and smooth out the texture, reducing the appearance of acne scars. Neogen plasma is a safe in noninvasive treatment option for acne, scarring, with minimal downtime and long lasting results.

viral papiloma.jpg

Viral Papilloma

NeoGen PSR is a treatment option for viral papilloma common skin infection caused by the human papiliomavirus (HPV ). The plasma energy generated by NeoGen Plasma can target and destroy the virus-infected cells, promoting the growth of healthy skin cells, and reducing the appearance of papiliomavirus. NeoGen Plasma is a safe and effective alternative to invasive treatments, with minimal scarring and downtime.


Actinic Keratosis

NeoGen PSR is a treatment for actinic keratosis, a pre-cancerous skin condition caused by long-term sun exposure. The plasma energy helps to remove the damaged skin cells and promote the growth of healthy skin cells, reducing the appearance of actinic keratosis lesions. Neo Gen plasma is a safe and effective treatment option with minimal scarring in downtime compared to traditional treatments like cryrotherapy or surgery.

pigmented lesions.jpg

Pigmented Lesions

NeoGen PSR is a non-invasive treatment that can effectively target pigmented lesions, such as age spots, sunspots and freckles the plasma energy generated by NeoGen Plasma can break down the excess pigment in the skin, causing the lesion to darken and flake off overtime.. NeoGen Plasma is a safe and precise treatment for pigmented lesion, with minimal discomfort and downtime compared to traditional treatments like laser, therapy or chemical peels.


Case Study: Advanced 3D Facial Scanning and Analysis w/ Image Pro SUNlite by Emage

A 69 year old patient had a facial analysis done with the Emage Image Pro SUNlite pre NeoGen treatment measuring her skin age to be 71.  At 10 days post treatment, her skin had improved and was measuring at 66 yrs! Skin improvements continue over the next 90 days, literally taking years off the patient’s face! 

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